Brighten up the Home and Yard With Outdoor Lighted Accessories

In the winter months, we put patio heaters on our patios, walls, and driveways to keep the wood and metal warm for the entertaining and relaxing summer months. Unfortunately, it’s also a perfect time to install outdoor lighting. Preparing the outdoor areas for the showy nightlife of the nighttime has the task of bringing the outdoors to life, opening the secret world of northeast beauty to everyone who visits. And since lighting is one of the most important features that contribute to the overall effect of the garden or yard, it’s essential to think of the style of the outdoor light at first. If you are considering lighting your yard with outdoor accessories and you live in the East Bay then you should check out

It’s best to consult with experienced decorators before proceeding with style changes. A good way to begin screening ideas is to create a long-term plan of landscape designs.

Next, capture the sense of light in your yard. This can be done with a simple photoshoot. In shoot – backdrop – lighting – one layer – regular – dramatic.

Pay attention to the shape, size, and texture of the light. Repeat the same pose – front, middle, and back. Take as many photos as you can of the same light – try different perspectives.

After enlarging the highlights in the photos, develop a pattern that best describes the movement of those lights. This pattern can be described as a stepping-type highlight – to create an even brighter highlight. Rockets and timbers along pathways are very effective “anchors”. One or two of these colorful and dramatic lights would be plenty for a small garden or deck.

Other styles of highlighting include:

The changes in light throughout the day, highlight the passing of the seasons. Forget the typical upright or kneeling plantings and instead plant vining or cascading plants instead. This will move the light from a narrow downline to a broadside that legs out. Take time to develop and learn about your landscaping.

It would be helpful to return to the essential elements of lighting. As with most other branches of tree care, the goal is to create a pleasing and comfortable lighting environment.

Remember that trees keep the sun off your house, so the goal is a wide spectrum of lighting.

By incorporating some low as well as height trees, you will be blooming flowers for the entire year.

Trees must have a uniform, bright red color, and a smooth dark green or gray bark. Choose a bright red mulch for a dramatic effect. Select a dark green mulch for a uniform but relaxed look.

Of course, the tree has to be right for the climate. certain species of evergreens will require a minimum of four feet of snow in the winter. In other words, you would have to be planting your evergreens in a way that they will be growing through the winter.

Some people love the idea of the snow-covered yard. For sure, this is more challenging and beautiful. On the other side, those same people hate the cold weather because they think that they will not be able to get their evergreens to survive. Many apple trees require a minimum of 12 feet of snow to thrive. Why not keep your other trees safe from the cold weather? Provide a wide range of evergreen species.

Many flowers bloom in the spring and summer when the temperature is at a minimum. Why not also consider flowers that will bloom in the winter. There are also yucca’s and agave plants that will grow in this manner.

The bottom line is that you will need to evaluate your environment and the “requirements” of your evergreens for this particular season. Look at the big picture and decide what will be best for your situation.

Once you decide on the type of evergreen for your landscape, you will need to choose the right evergreen species for your climate. The two primary species of evergreen trees are the Maintenance Free evergreen trees and the Hybrid evergreen trees.

How To Maintain Flowering Evergreens

The next consideration when you are planting evergreens is the maintenance that they require. The Hybrid evergreen is not as maintenance-free as the Maintenance Free evergreen. The Hybrid will require some type of mowing and trimming for strength and health. The Maintenance-free evergreen will require little to no maintenance once planted and kept at a specific height for the most part.

The Maintenance Free evergreen tree should be planted in the spring. The roots will have time to get stronger after they have been established during the winter. This is when they will start to take in nutrients from the earth. After fall planting is common.

The Hybrid evergreen is a little easier to maintain. You will still have to do some mowing.